La empresa

Rojasmobiliario is a family business established in 1989, whose main activity has been the production of wooden furniture with a specialization in the exportation to the German market.

We always had very aware the importance of evolving and being at the forefront of design and quality, and with these premises we have been transforming our style without losing the essence, and we have been able to adapt the quality and warmth that solid wooden provide to the funiture home and to the latest trends in design.

This modern line gave us an opportunity to open ourselves a space in the Spanish market as distributors for important national market chains, furniture and decoration projects for hotels, offices, clinics, etc.

Currently we are still adapting ourselves to the market requirements and we believe in the necessity of offering to the customer complete style concepts that achieve a balance between design, quality, comfort and price.

With this purpose, we have our own showroom and also we have professionalized in the direct importation market of furniture design.

For all these reasons (manufacturing and design own + direct import) we are able to offer you styles and decoration concepts which range from small household and decorative elements till upholstery, relax, lighting, home furniture and furniture for children with the lowest competitive prices.

Why do we have the best prices in replicas of furniture design?

Our prices are lowest because we are dedicated to import directly from the factory, and this products arrive directly to the consumers without intermediaries, and therefore it makes us possible to have much more competitive prices without ever losing the quality.

The products that we offer pass through a strict quality controls in the place of manufacturing. Also, these products are expressly made when we order them, following specifications for leather, wooden products, etc.

Our warehouses are house to stock all articles offered. Our commitment is to receive goods periodically, so make sure to visit our website and social networking profiles for updates with news, discounts, etc.

We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals that allow us to offer you the best solutions for furnishing and decorating with a personalized attention. Trust on them for any queries that you have!


  Sara Rojas. General and importation manager.                                            

   Luisger Perezagua. General manager and computer technician.




    Alicia Serrano. Website sales and Incidences.

 Ana León. Community manager. National purchases.        

  Luis Sánchez. Warehouse manager. Orders preparation.




  Danilo Mejía. Retail Sales Manager.

  Carolina Rojas. Manufacture manager. Administrative direction.