Have you already shipped my order?

When will be delivered my order?

I have received a faulty article, what do I have to do?

I have received an article that is not what I have ordered, how can I solve it?

The article received is not my liking, can I return it?

Shipping to Balearic, Canary islands, Ceuta, Melilla and rest of the European Union.

Can I finance my purchase?


• Have you already shipped my order?

You will know your order has been shipped when you receive an e-mail with the invoice. Besides, we will provide you a tracking number, so this way you can check at any time the status of your shipment.

• When will be delivered my order?

We usually give the goods from our warehouse to the transport agency in 1 or 2 working days after of receiving you order on the web. The time of delivery in your place is usually between 3 and 6 working days.

We do our best to respect the time of delivery, however, there will be determined moments of the year, such as holidays, bank holidays, etc., in which cases we can not guarantee this times of delivery. So we will be grateful you can understand the fact we are not responsible for any delay of the delivery for reasons or causes unforeseen or insurmountable by a major force.

• I have received a faulty article, what do I have to do?

We always try that the quality of our products are the best ones, and for this reason all our articles have transport insurance. However it is possible that sometimes you receive an article with factory defects or derivative shipping.

We recommend that at the time of receiving the package you verify that package arrives in good conditions, if not, you have to put in the delivery note the anomalies that you found when you received this one.

In case of your article present any damage, please, follow these steps within 48 working hours after of receiving the order. It is important that you do this one in this period to make the complaint to the insurance of transport agency.

  • Keep the original packaging, labels, instruction manual or any accessory that it has inside.
  • If the damage is only on some of the pieces of the article, please do not assemble this one.
  • Send us an email to:  please send an e-mail to web@rojasmobiliario.com with some pictures of damages and an explanation quite detailed of it.
  • We are committed to answer your e-mail in maximum 24 working hours with a solution to your problem. We will replace the part or if it is necessary we will replace the full article. The way of proceeding is always the same: First, we collect the piece or article in its original packaging, and once we have received them and checked that everything is ok, we will send you a new one in perfect conditions.
  • The articles collected in our warehouses or in our store that have any damage, they will be exchanged or refunded only in our store.

• I have received an article that is not what I have ordered, how can I solve it?

 If you have received a wrong article due to our fault, you have to notify within 48 working hours after receiving it. If the article is disassembled, please, do not assembled it, keep it in its original packaging. Send us an email to: web@rojasmobiliario.com or write us a message on our Twitter account created especially for these cases: @rojasteayuda. We will attend your request within 24 working hours and we will process the collection and then sending a right article. If this happens, we will offer you a 10% discount on your purchase for any inconvenience caused. This sum will be paid by transfer to the account that you provide us.

• The article received is not my liking, can I return it?

If what you receive does not fit in the place that you wanted to put it, it is not what you expected or just do not like it, do not worry. We accept the reimbursement if this one is communicated and sent within 7 working days after it is received.

To communicate us your intention of processing the reimbursement, please write us to web@rojasmobiliario.com. It is very important that the article has the original packaging and it arrives to us in good conditions.

We make easier this process by putting at your disposal the collection by our agency, which is associated to a transport insurance. These costs of returning the goods will be by your charge, and these ones will be similar to the delivery charges. If you are interested in making use of this service, you just have to indicate in the e-mail. Then, we will contact you to reach an agreement about the collection.

You can also send us the reimbursement through another agency or certified mail. In that case, we recommend that you hire an insurance of the value for the goods, which will be necessary in case of stripping or losing the goods by the transport. You will have to keep proof of dispatch to facilitate the tracking number in case of losing or delaying the goods.

In order to know that we have received the article returned, we will send you an e-mail, and once we have verified that what you return is in good conditions, will refund your sum through the same payment method you used.

In the improbable case you do not have any news within 7 working days from the shipping of your package, please, send us an email to web@rojasmobiliario.com , or a comment on Twitter: @rojasteayuda, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We reserve the right of not to refund all or part of the money if the refund is made after the deadline, or if the article does not back to our warehouse in good conditions.

 • Shipping to Balearic, Canary islands, Ceuta, Melilla and rest of the European Union.

The charge that appears by default on each article of our website is exclusive to shipments within the Peninsula. For shipments to the Balearic Islands, Canary islands, Ceuta, Melilla and other European Union countries, the price of transportation will increase automatically when you enter the shipping information. You can make a simulated purchase on the web to know how much it cost.

• Can I finance my purchase?

Orders over € 1000 can be financed up to 12 months without interest. For orders of less than € 1000 the interest rate will be only 4%. Please consult us any doubts you may have.